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Cat eyes

Unused Black Rhinestone Cat Eye Glasses Retro 1960s Eyeglasses

Unused Black Rhinestone Cat Eye Glasses Retro 1960s Eyeglasses

Black plastic clear rhinestone gold cat eye glasses frames

Beautiful New Old Stock Vintage Women’s 1960s Cat eye glasses frames. They were never worn and are in great condition. They can be fitted with your prescription or sunglass lenses.

These are New Old stock and were never worn. We have inspected them to make sure they are fully functional, can take your prescription lenses in them and are suitable for daily wear. They may need adjustment by your optician for a perfect fit.


Width, between hinges: 5 inches

Temple Length: 5 1/2 inches

Lens Width: 48mm

Bridge: 18mm

This is a medium vintage size.

Most Vintage frames tend to run small. They were worn much closer to the face than today’s frames. Please make sure this size will work for you before ordering.

STYLECat eye glasses are a form of eyewear for women that were mainly popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s among fashionable women. Out of the small amount that were originally made, most are not around today and they are becoming harder to find. When you buy a pair of vintage cat eye glasses, you are not just getting something made yesterday and shipped overseas. You are wearing something that has been through life, an age different than our own, and survived till this day. Wearing vintage cat eye glasses assures that you’ll stand out from the masses in a pair of glasses that brings out your individuality.

Unused Black Rhinestone Cat Eye Glasses Retro 1960s Eyeglasses. see price...