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Cats eye

French Sunglasses Aurora Borealis Rhinestones Cat Eye

Aurora borealis rhinestone pearl cats eye sunglasses

Vintage French women’s sunglasses with 22 beautiful aurora borealis rhinestones. These have prescription lenses, so unless they match your prescription, they will need to be replaced. The frames are a heavy plastic with silver undertones. No cracks. The glasses measure 5 2/8″ across the front from hinge to hinge, and the the ear pieces measure 3 6/8″ from the hinge to the curve over the ear. There is a wrap-a-round on the front which will add about 3/8″ to the length of the side. The other details are carved into the plastic with what appears to be black enamel accents. Some light scratches on the inside of the ear pieces.

French Sunglasses Aurora Borealis Rhinestones Cat Eye. see price...

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