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Military precision

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Unusual Pocket watch made by Sturdy made into a brooch or pin. The watch itself does not appear to be antique. But attached to it is the frame and glass of a vintage timepiece. When worn, it will certainly give the appearance of a vintage watch. Manufactured by Ingraham in Conn, prior to 1967.

Highly detailed, heavyweight, prong set rhinestones and pearls, domed glass. Intricate metalwork on the frame, see the photos of the watch facing down. Attached to the handle of the watch is a permanent lapel pin. Designed of 2 griffins, with prong set pearls and rhinestones. Again, highly detailed.

Several pearls are missing from the watch. And I believe someone has replaced one pearl with a rhinestone in the wrong spot (at the 12:00 mark). Easy repair piece. Minor surface scratches front and back, I have not tested the watch.

Cool and unusual piece.