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Green yellow marbled bakelite bangle bracelet

There are two places where a pattern of leaves has been carved. The colors range from yellow-green to dark green. The bracelet has a shine to it but is matte in the carved areas.

The width is a little over 3/4″.

It is in very good condition.


Tortoise shell bangle angular bracelet bangle

This is in very nice condition, I see no flaws.


Amber bakelite drops white enamel brooch

Applejuice Bakelite Pin Brooch Miriam Haskell Cluster Drops Art Deco VintageThis is a wonderful old Pin Brooch by Miriam Haskell from her unsigned era (no signature) of the 1930s.Rare design shape Applejuice Bakelite drops that measure a nice 1″ in length each, tested.Cascading in a cluster from a white enameled metal maple leaf pin top.Hangs just over 3″ long and 2″ wide.


Purple green blue cream yellow red bakelike bangle bracelet

Inside diameter 2 5/8 inches.



Yellow amber swirled bakelite bangle bracelet

Vintage Studded Oval Bakelite Bangle Art Deco Bracelet Mottled Jade

Soft translucent Jade green Bakelite with swirls of earthy browns is carved in oval shape and adorned with four silver tone studs.

Overall measurements are 14mm wide by 10mm deep near each stud. Inside measurements are front to back 2 1/4″ and 2 3/4″ side to side. Fits up to 7 3/4″.

In excellent condition, we test everything carefully. Bakelite is tested with hot water which is a non destructive method.

Estimated to date from the 1930’s.


Yellow orange carved bakelite bangle bracelet

Vintage Creamy Butterscotch Bakelite Geometric Flying Saucer Bangle Bracelet. 2 1/2″ inner diameter, 3 3/8″ outer diameter and 1/2″ wide. Excellent Condition – no chips, cracks or repairs.

A basic

Yellow bakelite cuff bangle bracelet

Vintage extra wide translucent butterscotch yellow bakelite bangle bracelet. Tested with rub test. Each of my bakelite pieces was acquired from the same lot. They are coming to light after having been in storage for over 40 years, so I can guarantee the vintage nature of each piece. Don’t miss out on this beauty!

* Measurements: 2″ inner diameter, 1.5″ wide


Amber brown bakelite beaded necklace

Lovely MIRIAM HASKELL BAKELITE bead and glass necklace that has been perfectly matched for color and symmetry, a sure sign of a very high-end necklace. The butterscotch colored BAEKLITE beads appear opaque and translucent/glossy and the amber glass is bright and shiny. BAKELITE passed simichrome test.

This strand measures 20¼ inch in length when unclasped. Bead count is 11 (10 large and 1 small at clasp). The size of large oval beads is 28.575 mm length (approx.) and the smallest oval bead at the clasp is 12.7 mm length (approx.). The amber glass is floral cut and round cut that is faceted at the edges.


Green carved bakelite bangle

Beautiful dark green carved bakelite bangle, about 2.5″/64mm inner diameter, and about 27mm wide.  No chips or cracks, though it has light surface rubbing  Weighs approx. 38g.


Black orange purple bakelite bracelet cuff bangle

Huge 1 3/4″ Vintage MARION GODART, Paris, Multi Colored French Bakelite Laminated Atomic LUCITE Haute Couture Runway Stretch Bracelet. It measures 1 3/4″ tall and each panel is 7/8″ wide. Abstract, Atomic multi-colors purple, orange, yellow,  greens and white French Bakelite.  Excellent condition.

Apple juice

Amber apple juice bakelite stretch bracelet

Here is a great Art Deco stretch Bakelite bracelet from the 30’s 40’s era. The Apple Juice piece is in very good condition and a welcome prize to your cherished collection. Unique Chunky and Funky!


Cream carved bakelite flower stretch bracelet

This lovely 1-1/2″ wide early plastic / celluloid bracelet has six rose panels. Each rose has a clear rhinestone embedded in the center. All rhinestones are clear and sparkling and the stretch cord on the bracelet is in great condition with plenty of give to keep it snug on your wrist.


Orange bakelite bangle

This is a bright orange and translucent Bakelite bangle. It is a beautiful color and like new, but isn’t. Whoever had these took excellent care of them, or must have stored them. This is a wonderful fall color that pairs with black, brown, all your fall colors. It is 1/2″ wide and 2 1/2″ across inner circumference.

So sunny

Yellow bakelite carved flower brooch

Deeply Carved Bakelite Flower Brooch Pin in Butterscotch This lovely deeply carved bakelite flower brooch in butterscotch is perfect for the vintage jewelry fan. There is a pin on the back. Bakelite was used in the 1930’s-1950’s and was a precursor to plastic.                                                            Size: approx. 1-3/4”W Condition:   Excellent condition. No chips, nicks, cracks, or other damage.   Pin back in working condition.


Cream yellow bakelite carved flower bangle

Beautiful Pastel Yellow Celluloid Bangle Bracelet ~ Spring Floral Bouquet ~ A Chrysanthemum, Daisy & Rose Bouquet ~ estimated Circa 1940’s 1950’s  Fabulous bouquet of Chrysanthemum, Daisies and Roses carved or pressed into this Pastel Yellow Vintage Celluloid Bangle Bracelet. ~ this estimated Circa 1940 1950’s made in Japan bracelet is in amazing well cared for vintage condition. Each flower and the accenting leaves are carved or pressed in fantastic detail and there are no notable chips, cracks or other flaws. Size ~ Measurements: 2 1/2″ inner circumference (across) x 5/8″ and weighs a comfortable lightweight 20.75 grams (3/4 oz)



Amber orange brass bangle



Black white bakelite bangle

Here is a striking vintage thermoset plastic bangle bracelet.  It has alternate bands of black and white on the outside and all black on the inside.  The bracelet is 7/8 inch wide and has an inside opening of just over 2 1/2 inches.  This is in excellent condition with no damage, clean and ready to wear.

Slow and steady

Root beer brown bakelite bangles set

Lovely set of vintage bakelite bracelets.  These nice bangles are a translucent root beer brown in color.  All test positive using 409 testing method.  Nice size.  Great bakelite bangle bracelets!

Measurement:  Inside circumference is 8.  Opening is 2 1/2.  Each bangle is 3/16 wide.

Condition:   With all pre-owned jewelry I recommend a light cleaning with a soft cloth. Excellent vintage condition with normal wear consistent with age and normal use.


Red bakelite bead necklace



Red bakelite bracelet

Hello bidders.  Up for bid today is a fantastic vintage bakelite bracelet in cherry red bakelite in the form known as the tank track.  The color on this piece is just fantastic and is even better in person.  The bracelet is in fine condition with no issues to report.  The bracelet measures 1 1/4 wide and is 7 1/2 when closed on the interior and one laid flat measures almost 8.  Really a great piece of Art Deco jewelry.

Carved out

Green red brown bakelite bangles

Gorgeous lot of 3 carved Bakelite bracelets… these have been together as a set for a very long time, the colors and carvings are just so magical together! The dark green and brown are about 3/8 inch and the dark red is about 1/2 inch. They go with everything and are completely wonderful on. There are certain pieces I come across that just have great feel, these are one of them! Magic!


Black white carved bakelite

Up for bid today is a truly specatcular Art Deco period carved Bakelite bracelet.  This is a highly unusual design with a locking clamp type catch.  The piece is carved with great large flowers on either side.  The color on this piece is very nice with a rich butterscotch and a black or very very dark blue.  The bracelet is in fine condition with no issues to report.  This piece measures 3/4 wide by just under 7 to the interior.  Fantastic piece and ready for your wrist.


Red brooch

A stunning huge Art Deco Cherry Red Amber Bakelite deep carved Rose/flower brooch.  Superb detail and patina.  Large measures approx. 8cm by 4.75 cm or 3 inches by 2 inches.  Good condition.  Weighs 18.5g and tests positive for Bakelite with simichrome around the sides in the gaps.  Genuine Art Deco real statement brooch.


Carved amber bakelite flower brown bangle bracelet

In wonderful condition, this rare carved floral amber Bakelite Bangle measures a little over 2.5″ inside diameter x 1.5″ wide.  Tested with Simichrome.

Lovely day

White cream carved bakelite flower bangle bracelet

Molded Celluloid Plastic Rose & Flower Bangle Bracelet. Measures 1 1/4″ wide at its widest. Inner circumferences measures approx. 8″. There is a spot that is photo’d that looks like it melted from getting too close to a heat source. Could use a light cleaning overall.


Orange bakelite brown wood flower pin brooch

Vintage Carved Butterscotch Tested Bakelite and Dark Wood Flower Brooch Pin with a painted detail in the center. Aprox. 31/4″ X 2 1/2″ as found in Estate.


Blue jade green bakelite bangle bracelet

Vintage Apple green Bakelite bangle bracelet. Measures 1 inch wide and inside diameter is approx 2 1/2 across. Vintage condition with scuffing and scratches as expected.

Matched up

Butterscotch applejuice bakelite carved bangle bracelet set

Inside diameters are 2.5 inches, with the carved applejuice bracelet being about 1/16 inch smaller.

Four tiny edge nicks on the applejuice piece, but they may be leftovers from manufacturing, as they appear all in the same place and are buffed and patinaed.

Test positive (very orange – these have a heavy patina) with Simichrome polish.


Clear rhinestone black bakelite stretch bracelet

Out of my collection, Art Deco stretch bracelet. I have always believed this bracelet to be Bakelite, although being black, it doesn’t test with Simichrome. I know it is authentic from the Art Deco period and it is not celluloid. I did not clean it before taking the photographs so

you see some dust, etc. on the black sections.

It measures 1 1/2 inches wide and not stretched it is 6 1/2 inches in inner diameter. There are 12 black sections in the bracelet and each section has 41 rhinestones on it. This bracelet really sparkles.


Butterscotch bakelite plastic yellow square glasses

These glasses are in very good to excellent condition.

Embossed on arm “MADE BY HELIOS HOLLAND”.


Cream peach bakelite celuloid carved rose flower pin brooch

Vintage Bakelite Celluloid Clip Pin/ Brooch

Marking on back Japan

this is a lovely piece

colors are Light yellow – light red or pink and light green

in a Heart shape form

size is about 1 1/2 wide X about 2″ high


Orange amber bakelite dots bangle bracelet

This iconic SIX dot Bakelite bracelet is a must have for any collector.   The base of the bracelet is a fantastic translucent marbleized yellow.  Inset are six marbalized orange dots.  The wall of the bracelet is 1/2″ wide.  It measures 3 3/4″ wide with 2 1/2″ opening.


Orange yellow square edged bakelite bangle bracelet

An old piece of Bakelite.

Outside 89 mm, 3.5 inches square, inside diameter is 70mm, 2.75 inches.

Tests positive (orange) with Simichrome polish.


Green marbled bakelite bangle bracelet

Has a nice soft patina, sort of a creamy jade-and-amber swirl effect, somewhat translucent if held up to a light (hence brighter than an opaque piece).

Outside diameter is 3 3/8″, inside diameter is 2.5″

Tests positive (orange) with Simichrome polish.



Amber orange carved bakelite bangle braceletVintage Butterscotch Bakelite Carved Art Deco style Bangle   

Measures about 3/4″. Tested. Pictures do not really show you how Yummy this is. 

This would make a great Holiday Gift! (for yourself or someone you love)

Amazing used condition for its age.



Amber orange bakelite cuff bracelet

Vintage Butterscotch Bakelite Cuff! Yummy Color.

Pictures do not do the color Justice.


The Width at its widest is 1/2″.

Measures about  3″ X 2″ on the out side. 

The inside measures 2 1/8″ X 1 5/8″. The opening of cuff is 1 1/4″.

The inside measures about 6″. (includes gap) For a smaller wrist.

Amazing used condition for its age.

Click clack

Brown tortoise shell bakelite bangle bracelet

A Real Beauty From The Early 1950S From A Hungary Estate.

      1.5″ Wide


      1.5″ WIDE


Orange yellow carved bakelite bracelet bangle

Beautiful Vintage Chunky Deeply Diagonal Rib Carved Marbleized Mustard Yellow Color Bakelite Bangle Bracelet.Standard opening of 2 1/2 inches.Measures at 3 2/8 across and 7/8 wide.Test positive with simichrome and hot water.Makes that wonderful bakelite clunking sound.Guaranteed vintage.


Yellow black bakelite bangle bracelet

An avid plastic jewelry collector selling select pieces from my personal collection


· Scarce, geometric Belle Kogan 1930’s – 1940’s Art Deco Bangle / Bracelet

· Opaque Cream Corn Bakelite with 3 Opaque Black Bakelite Elongated Oval Inlaid Dots

· One of the rarer of Belle Kogan’s designs

· Domed shape

· ~ 13/16” wide

· ~ 2 1/2” internal diameter

· ~3” external diameter.

Gorgeous, Timeless & Classic!

Great Price Given its Size, Color, Pattern AND Condition.

Vintage Condition & Testing:


o In fabulous, well cared for condition given its age…. no chips, stains, cracks, repairs, or re-work (any imperfections shown are reflection/glare)

o Tests positive for Bakelite via chemicals (simichrome – yellow residue on q-tip), smell (distinct Bakelite smell when run under hot water) and sight (pattern). Similar Belle Kogan bangles appear on Page 94 of Matthew Burkholz’s book The Bakelite Collection.


Ruby red carved bakelite bangle bracelet

In a rare color is this Beautiful Vintage 

Chunky Diagonal Rib Carved Marbleized Burgundy Maroon

Color Bakelite Bangle Bracelet.

Standard opening of 2 1/2 inches.

Measures at 3 2/8 across and 7/8 wide.

Test positive with simichrome and hot water.

Makes that wonderful bakelite clunking sound.

Guaranteed vintage.

Tip top

Bakelite carved cane handle

Beautiful vintage 1920s applejuice bakelite umbrella/cane handle. Great beehive shape with carving below.  Measures 5 1/4″ in length & 1 3/4″ wide.  Good vintage condition but does have a chip on the underside of the hive measures 1/2″ X 1/4″ and the base where the cane went in has been broken & glued.  Still very nice.