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Green yellow marbled bakelite bangle bracelet

There are two places where a pattern of leaves has been carved. The colors range from yellow-green to dark green. The bracelet has a shine to it but is matte in the carved areas.

The width is a little over 3/4″.

It is in very good condition.


Green marbled lucite chunky ring

Vintage Estate Lucite/Plastic GoGo Ring “Big & Chunky” Green Swirl Size 7.5

With My Calipers I get 18 mm / .710″ Also used a ring size gauge within these parameters for a size 7.5

With a ruler: 1 1/4″ tall x 7/16″ thick x 3/4” wide.


Pink marbled silver brooch

In Perfect condition, Vintage Silver Tone Pink Stone Bar Pin Signed Miracle. 2 1/2x 1/4. If you should  have any additional questions or would like additional views of the item, please contact me! I will be glad to assist!


Green marbled cabochon clear rhinestone gold pin brooch

@ 2-1/8″ across x 1/2″ deep / profile. This D&E aka Juliana rhinestone brooch has a gold plated setting with built in pin assembly, tiered / layered construction and hand / prong set stones. There are layers of open back skinny clear navettes, ice chaton stones and marbled green glass cabochons that look like gemstone. One skinny navette has a manufacturing / small stone inclusion visible under magnification. Condition is excellent on the plating, clasp and stones. This hard to find piece is the epitome of Juliana design and quality.



Green marbled bakelite bangle bracelet

Has a nice soft patina, sort of a creamy jade-and-amber swirl effect, somewhat translucent if held up to a light (hence brighter than an opaque piece).

Outside diameter is 3 3/8″, inside diameter is 2.5″

Tests positive (orange) with Simichrome polish.


Green marbled celluloid bracelet bangle

Vintage 30’S Marbled Green & Black Celluloid Bracelet Bangle. It Measures 2.65 Inches Interior Diameter And 0.30 Inches Wide. Tiny Scratches For Normal Wear. Pg188

Weight: 18 Grams.


Tortoise shell twisted bangle bracelet

This item is a Lucite Tortoise shell/Amber colored (translucent) double banded bangle. The inside of this bangle measure 2-3/4″ wide, it measures 3-1/4″ wide and the bands are 1-2″ wide.


Ruby red carved bakelite bangle bracelet

In a rare color is this Beautiful Vintage 

Chunky Diagonal Rib Carved Marbleized Burgundy Maroon

Color Bakelite Bangle Bracelet.

Standard opening of 2 1/2 inches.

Measures at 3 2/8 across and 7/8 wide.

Test positive with simichrome and hot water.

Makes that wonderful bakelite clunking sound.

Guaranteed vintage.